Volume 2 START!

After a rather long break, we are now resuming this project with the first release in volume 2. This volume follows some of Souma’s adventures in the capital together with a sudden mysterious new character (?!!?!).

The omake for volume 2 was supposed to be posted today, but there were some last minute fixes that needed to be made, so they will be posted within the next few days. Edit: It’s up!!

PDF/EPUB edits for volume 1 are still being worked on. Thanks to xIceArcher for their work so far; the edited version reads so much better! The pages on the site as well as PDF/EPUB download links will be made available once the volume has gone through this final editing pass.

I think that’s everything from the administrative side. Please let us know if you have any comments/suggestions, and I hope that you have been enjoying the story so far as much as I had. And don’t worry, the story just keeps on getting better!


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11 thoughts on “Volume 2 START!

    • Yeah that is unfortunately a problem with WordPress. We’ve tried to find ways around it but haven’t been successful. I would recommend that you follow updates via Twitter or something.


  1. Chapter 1 part 2 has the comments disabled.

    From the bits and pieces of information given, I upgrade my theory to say that the mysterious girl is a character shown on advertisements and scrapped afterwards (a so-called non-implemented publicity character).


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