Update Schedule

Unfortunately, I have some sad news.

School is getting really busy now, and I won’t be able to keep up with the regular release schedule anymore. I’ll still translate when I can, but releases will probably take a bit longer now and will be posted when they’re done.

However, the edits for v1 pdf/epub is wrapping up now, so look forward to that coming soon!


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15 thoughts on “Update Schedule

  1. When I saw the sad news part, I almost thought the project was going to be dropped. Good luck with your schoolwork and don’t worry too much about the release schedule. Thank you for spending your time to translate this series for the fans.


  2. I guess Jonathanasdf is the only one working on this?
    It’s releases are slow… but I’m still looking forward to next time… whenever that’ll be again.


  3. I’d like to wait politely for an update, but I also want to scream that it’s past Christmas so school is out, so how about SAYING SOMETHING!!!

    — But I won’t do that. It would be crass.


    • You make a great point. Here’s what’s happening. I’m on vacation with family for the holidays, then I gotta find a place to stay near my new job and move everything to it, and after that I can get back to translating this. I promise.

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      • Woah got a lot on your plate before you can comeback to this… Well I hope you’ll be able to get more help on the series as it goes on.

        Nice to hear something on the status. I was getting curious too.


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