Is this dead?

It might be. I have no idea when I’ll be able to get back to doing this. I still want to though.

If anyone wants to pick it up do go ahead. You don’t need my permission to really.

Edit: It seems Clown World Translations has picked it up starting with Volume 3

I’ll see if I can finish up the short story in Volume 2.

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7 thoughts on “Is this dead?

  1. Ehhh you should just drop it tbh. Better for all of us seriously. I appreciate your effort a lot, but being like this doesn’t help anyone involved, especially you.

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  2. First time here……
    In my opinion, if you just dont enjoy translating it, just say so and stop doing something you dont want to do anymore, if a hobby starts being annoying and you dont enjoy doing it, then is just work, and we do all agree that having 2 works is not a fun thing at all, unless you’re getting paid which raises the question as to why are you taking so long if you’re getting paid, but I think that’s not the case at all.

    In summary, just drop it if you dont like it anymore. Then someone who really wants to do it, will pick it, I thought it was a basic non-spoken rule in this wn/ln translators world.

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  3. I hope you continue this it’s a great story. If anything I’ll be looking forward to you posting more in the future.


  4. You have to do whatever is best for you. This is just a hobby and not a job, so there are other life priorities in place.

    That being said, this LN is fantastic imo and the translation has been fun. You stated you do want to do it. In that case, perhaps it would be better to get a team and spread the work. Many hands make lighter work, and it could be more enjoyable that way.

    It’s unfortunate this of all things doesn’t get licensed. I would gladly buy the volumes for myself.


  5. Hope you’ll still finish the Short story special for the 2nd Volume.
    Kinda glad to know it might be still on going… though by another person.


  6. If it is not asking too much it would be nice to have the pdf/epub version of the second volumne as you did with the first…
    Good luck with the short story and really thanks for picking this up: it is really a hidden jowel…


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