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Kono Sekai ga Game da to Ore dake ga Shitteiru

I am the only one who knows this world is a game.


There is a VR game called “New Communicate Online” (aka. “Nekomimineko Offline”) which, due to being filled with bugs, is in a sense quite popular. One of its diehard fans, Souma Sagara, ends up inside the game by the power of some mysterious artifact. He was surprised by the sudden occurrence, but this was the world of a game that he knew inside out. Exploiting a multitude of bugs and using all of the game’s tricks against itself, he became known as Strange Sword User Souma.

Author – Usber(ウスバー)

Lives in Tokyo.
A human ♂ who loves games, cats, and light novels, and neither likes nor dislikes fried vermicelli.
Started submitting stories to the website “Shousetsuka ni Narou” in August of 2011.
Afterwards, in April of 2012, started submitting this work, “Kono Sekai ga Game da to Ore dake ga Shitteiru”.
My penname seems like a random one that was thought up in 3 seconds, but the fact that it was actually the result of 10 seconds of careful consideration is a secret that I won’t tell anyone.

Artist – Ichizen(イチゼン)

Born in Tokushima and living in Tokyo.
I was a country bumpkin raised on a diet of wakame and sudachi.
My hobby is uploading illustrations and such to pixiv, and I started drawing professionally in 2011.

jonathanasdf avatarTranslator – jonathanasdf



Editor – sakai

More likely to be playing videogames than doing editing work.

Also known as the guy who let a whole bunch of crappy English stay in Majikoi S.

msirps-avatarSupervisor – msirp

If you are reading this, you have been personally selected to carry on the legacy of msirp. Please keep in mind this information is entirely confidential and violation of the confidentiality agreement is forfeit of your soul to NanoDesu.

msirp was born into nobility and splendor. He spent many a days in a vibrant, hue-filled garden and many a nights ‘neath the sparkling, peaceful stars. Regardless of wealth and status, all youngsters develop curious minds and msirp was no exception. His curiosity lead to frustrations and indignations from his family and servants. A tumultuous spirit welling up within him, msirp abandoned everything he had for a chance to find the answers to life’s greatest questions. He died of tuberculosis, shortly thereafter.

Enslaved forever to talk in third-person, msirp’s spirit continues its poor excuse of a search through editing for some anonymous people it met on the internet.

Former Editors:


11 thoughts on “About This Translation

  1. Picked all the x’s from the map and rearranged all the letters from the other crossword giving me game and sekai, Googled that and found that there was such a light novel. Based on the way nanodesu names its pages I took a guess and typed in sekaigamethetranslation.wordpress.com. Based on what I found I reckon i guessed correctly XD.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Cool! Thanks for picking up the awesome series!
    Question: Is this a weekly release or just whenever it’s done?


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