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Extracts from NekomiminekoWiki ››› Nekomimineko Glossary

Ina Traille (Character)
The trauma-inducing machine of the early game, commonly called Train Girl.
In the first character rankings, she accomplished the legend of taking the first place in both the most popular and least popular rankings.
Upon looking at the wiki comments, however, one will notice that she has surprisingly good reviews, like “she has no breasts, but she’s quite cute if you look carefully”, “she tries really hard for a cutting board”, “brave, but tiny boobs lol”, “flat, but that’s good”.
It also seems like some group of people with a special fetish just happened to group here.

The Cave of Mimicry (Dungeon)
A super first-timer killer dungeon where all of the monsters that appear are Mimics.
Of course, some treasure boxes are Mimics, but some doors and walls are also Mimics, and even the contents of treasure boxes could be Mimics.
On the other hand, there were treasure boxes that were shaped like other monsters. It was a dungeon bursting with the hidden evilness of Nekomimineko.
The setup with the last room being completely made of Mimics really made one want to complain about the unfairness.

Life-Saving Medicine (Quest)
In order to save the life of my seriously injured son, bring me three potions, was what the quest log said.
The quest’s reward is the Beginner Adventurer Consumables Set, which contains three torches, ten darts, five MP potions… and, ten potions.
Though satisfied with the rewards, it makes one want to shout at them that isn’t there someone they should be saving with those items?

Beastle Killer (Item)
An item that makes you double-check its name.
Players who believe it was a misspelling of ‘Beast Killer’ keep appearing, and they try to use it to attack beasts, but that is incorrect.
This weapon is only super effective on bug-type monsters. To realize this and shout, “Oh, so it was actually Beetle Killer!” is a rite of passage of Nekomimineko.


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6 thoughts on “Extra

    • Nah, few old rpg and online game do the same… Sometimes it repeatalbe…
      So in my consience what the fuckmyou did to your child!!!


    • Too hard? Too insane! I seriously doubt half of the bugs stem from them not knowing hand for foot and come instead from a dark desire to make player’s SAN points go under.


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