Part 2

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Volume 1

Chapter 2

— 2 —

Let’s say there were two weapons in front of you.

<Iron Sword [Sword] Attack: 40 Weight: 10 Affinity: None Special: None>

<Uchigatana [Sword, Katana] Attack: 36 Weight: 8 Affinity: None Special: None>

If used by the same character, which of these would be able to deal more damage?

Just by pure attack power, the former one, Iron Sword, would be the winner. However, the reality is that the latter one, Uchigatana, would end up dealing more damage most of the time.

This had to do with the adjustments given to different weapon types.

This might have been done in order to make the Weapon Fusion System work, but if two weapons were of the same level, then, regardless of their type, they would end up with similar attack values. No matter how powerful a giant axe looks, or how weak a small dagger appears to be, their attack power would not be much different if one just considered the numbers.

Yet, if you were to actually try attacking, you would find that there was indeed a big difference. Even with the same attack power, the giant axe would end up dealing far more damage.

This was the weapon type bonus.

In the initial example, when compared to an Iron Sword, categorized as a sword, the Uchigatana has a further categorization of a katana. Thus, due to the weapon type bonus, its offensive power would end up higher.

Now then, you should hopefully have some idea of what I’m trying to get at.

That’s right, this is about how the skill I used was able to defeat more than ten Mad Hounds at once, and also why I was able to say with such confidence that Shiranui was, without a doubt, the strongest weapon of its level class.

It’s about the technical details behind those statements.

Summarizing the main close range weapon types and their specialties, it boils down to something like this:

[Bare fists] is as it sounds, using one’s bare fists. Has many skills with knockback. Largely affected by the character’s strength parameter, so at higher levels it is often stronger than using a weapon that one is unskilled with.

[Knuckles] are weapons that are wrapped around one’s knuckles. It is possible to use [Bare fists] skills even with this weapon type equipped. Has many multi-hit skills. Low weapon type bonus value.

[Dagger] is a short blade weapon. Has many tricky skills. Low weapon type bonus value.

[Ninja sword] is the advanced weapon class for dagger, and thus has the same length. It’s a short sword that seems like it would be used by a ninja. Has many shadow skills like hiding and assassinate. Normal weapon type bonus value.

[Sword] is the basic weapon type. Has a good balance of skills. Normal weapon type bonus value.

[Katana] is the advanced weapon class for sword, and thus has the same length. Being single-edged, thinner, and lighter than a sword, it is generally more difficult to obtain. Has skills with higher offensive power than swords. High weapon type bonus value.

[Broadsword] is a giant sword around the size of a grown man. Has both powerful single-target skills and defensive skills. Very high weapon type bonus value.

[Greatsword] is a monstrous weapon around three meters long, so even withdrawing it from its sheath is tough. Due to it only appearing in the latter half of the storyline, greatswords were all rare or unique. Already very strong just by itself, it becomes ridiculously powerful when one uses a skill. Extremely high weapon type bonus value.

Normally, weapons were assigned a single category, but there were exceptions. Like Uchigatana which is categorized both as a sword and a katana, there are cases where a single weapon is treated as two separate types when the types are of the same length such as swords&katanas, daggers&ninja swords, or spears&lances.

Hearing all this, have you already figured it out? Just in case, once again, here’s Shiranui’s data for reference.

<Shiranui [Sword, Greatsword] Attack: 91 Weight: 8 Affinity: None Special: None>

Do you see it now?

The katana Shiranui should have been categorized as [Sword, Katana], but someone seemed to have lost their mind and gave it some ridiculous setting of [Sword, Greatsword]. It was a bugged item.

…Mm, well…

The characters for katana (刀) and greatsword (大太刀) do indeed look somewhat similar. But, still, this isn’t something that anyone would normally mess up.

So then, what exactly ends up happening because of that mistake?

First of all, due to the weapon type bonus its attack power becomes abnormally high. The bonus from katanas and from greatswords were in completely different classes.

Normally, greatswords were much more difficult to come by compared to katanas, and at the earliest it would be the latter part of the mid-game before you could finally obtain one. Furthermore, it was heavy due to how long it was, being almost impossible to wield without using both hands, and difficult to use in cramped places. Also, when hung from the waist, it randomly catches on walls and quickly becomes annoying.

But, with Shiranui there were no such worries.

Shaped like a normal katana, it was easy to use, yet when attacking, it had as much power as a greatsword.

It’s really the best.

On top of all that, since it was classified as a greatsword, it could use greatsword skills. However, in Nekomimineko, skills’ ranges were not affected by the weapon’s length.

Which means…

What do you know! When using a greatsword skill with Shiranui (even if it’s the basic greatsword skill Sideswipe), a strange phenomenon will occur where even though the swing didn’t even seem to reach a meter, its attack range actually ends up being closer to the three meters of a greatsword.

That was the true form of Invisible Blade.

In essence, Shiranui came with the form and ease of use of a katana while having the power of a greatsword, and, when needed, could unleash an attack with the range of a greatsword. It was a cheat-level weapon.

That was why…

“Really, that was so amazing! You defeated all those Mad Hounds with just one blow!”

Those gleaming eyes of Train Girl pierced deep into my chest.

After all, that attack was 100% due to the power of the weapon, and if Train Girl had known about that, then she would probably be able to do the exact same.

That said, I couldn’t really explain to her that, “Oh, this was actually exploiting a configuration bug on an item…” It’s quite tormenting.

“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ina Traille. I’m an adventurer, though I’m still a beginner. My favorite weapon is the dagger.”

To be honest, I hadn’t bothered to remember her real name, but I felt like it should have been something like that. I quietly nodded to myself as Train Girl stared straight at me.

“Uhh, is something the matter?”

Perplexed, I asked her, and she timidly replied with upturned eyes.

“U-Uhm, your name… Would you mind telling me, your name?”

Ah, I see. That was what her stare just now was for.

(Still, what should I do…)

From my vague memories, I remember that depending on how the conversation after saving Train Girl went, it was possible to trigger an event for her to join as a companion. Of course, even with such an event, she wouldn’t end up following along without the player’s invitation, but that was all when this was a game.

In the current situation where she was a proper human, there was no reason why she would decide to join or stay according to my will.

I had largely played through Nekomimineko solo, or in other words, travelling by myself, unless the circumstances required it. If this was still a normal game, then I would do as I always did, and journey ahead solo when faced with this choice.

However, while this was a game, this was not a game.

As long as it was unclear what would happen if I died, it did not seem like a bad idea to cover all the bases and travel with a party of companions. Taking that and Train Girl’s trustworthy personality into consideration, the choice to take her as my first party member didn’t seem all that unreasonable.

Falling deep into thought, I had ended up completely ignoring Train Girl, when…

“U-Uhm… Is it, not okay?”

Facing those slightly teary eyes glittering with expectation, I was suddenly taken aback.

In the end, Train Girl was still a rather popular character in Nekomimineko, and well, she was fairly cute, so to speak.

To be blunt, taking into account things like the thickness of her chest armor or her short stature, she could, by no standards, be considered to be well-endowed for a female. It’s just that, her brown-colored short hair that gently swayed while she walked, as well as her big, round eyes that kept darting everywhere made her seem like a curious little animal. When those pure, glistening eyes gazed at me, my slightly conscience-stricken self couldn’t help but to falter a little.

Even now, she was looking up at me with an anxious face that seemed about to burst into tears at any moment. It would probably be impossible to turn away from such a look and return to town without even giving her a name.

(If that’s the way it is, it can’t be helped.)

I made an excuse to nobody in particular. While feeling slightly guilty, I made my decision, as if being pushed on by her gaze.

Making as serious an expression as I could, I slowly confessed.

“Before that, there’s something that I have to tell you. I’m not the amazing adventurer that you think I am.”

“Eh, but…”

Reflexively, I stopped her from trying to reply with my hand.

(I know you’re surprised. But, this is the truth.)

In order to convince the bewildered girl in front of me, I continued to speak.

“In the first place, strictly speaking, I’m not even an adventurer. What defeated the monsters back there was purely the power of my weapon, and until yesterday, I hadn’t really even held a sword before.”

“No way… B-But, in that case, what are you?”

As expected, this question followed.

But, having anticipated such a question, I solemnly opened my mouth.

Only a single name came to mind.

That’s why, posing to the best of my abilities, I introduced myself.

“I am Reinhart! The great merchant, Reinhart!!”


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  1. Damned…
    The game creator(author) really picking a fight with gamer especially the one picky abput weapons and player who enjoys story


  2. Wow… Why would he even lie here? So stupid.

    Well, whatever. I wonder if this author will ever get over his horrible habit of writing a lot of redundant information. Easily half this chapter could’ve been removed and not a single thing would’ve been missed, not a single detail. Last chapter as well. The entire chapter just to describe how this person is a train girl. F*ck. Learn how to keep it short and concise in order to write a truly good story that is immersive and makes you feel like it’s hard to put it down. Currently, I’m just feeling a bit tired from reading all this crap that isn’t relevant, funny or interesting.


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