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※These ranks and explanations are meant only as a reference.


This is a normal event.
Savor its precious normalcy as you clear it.

An uncooperative event which is difficult to clear.
However, this is the standard for Nekomimineko.

One must pay careful attention to this event.
In certain situations, it may become impossible to complete or even negatively impact further gameplay.

An event that must be avoided.
It may be impossible to clear with legitimate methods, or may make it difficult to clear the story.

An event that must be avoided at all costs.
If encountered, there is a high chance that further game progress will become impossible.

If you save after this event occurs, it will become impossible to progress in the game.
Even if you save before, it is possible that it may already be unavoidable.

It’s okay, there’s still hope! …Is all that you can tell yourself.

To be~ able~ to play~ this~ amazing~ game~ from the~ start~ again~
Aren’t~ you~ the most~ fortunate~ person~ in the~ world!!


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