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Extracts from NekomiminekoWiki ››› Common Bugs FAQ

Q: I just can’t seem to kill the Red Mushrooms in the Forest of Beginnings! Is this a bug?
A: It’s a bug. We believe that the staff accidentally put an extra zero in its defense stat. If you encounter one, either run away or defeat it with magic.

Q: I obtained a sword named the Silver Knight’s Sword, but when I equip it I lose the ability to use sword skills. Is this a bug?
A: It’s a bug. The Silver Knight’s Sword is a sword no matter how you look at it, but it’s classified as an axe. Either equip a different weapon, or take this opportunity to switch to being an axe-wielder.

Q: In the middle of my quest, an NPC that was supposed to be dead appeared! Is this a bug?
A: It’s a common bug in Nekomimineko. While wishing them well in the afterlife, let’s burn their final valiant appearance in our minds. That said, as it increases the possibility of unrecoverable problems, please try to refrain from killing NPCs as much as possible.


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15 thoughts on “Extra

  1. What the fudge kind of developers leave so many bugs in a game when they launched it?
    Also is the VR game a MMO or just a story campaign with only one player?


  2. What the heck is wrong with this game? Exactly how was it deemed popular… And how irresponsible are those developers? What they’re saying is one thing, “Live with it”. There’s a lot of bugs there and they’re telling us to just grin and bear it!? Isn’t their job supposed to be fixing those bugs…? There’s something wrong with the heads of it’s developers or that’s just the game they wanted to make. Either way, I don’t know how on Earth will anyone be able to enjoy it.


    • Some people play these games to make fun of how bad they are and upload videos so others can be amused as well. Although these never are considered ‘popular.’


      • I know this feeling. Back when Legends of Pegasus was launched, people played it and uploaded videos on youtube to show people how the game is so buggy and unfinished that it sucked balls. The game studio later made a press conference saying that they didn’t know how that happened. Then they declared bankrupcy so that they wouldn’t have to pay back then money they got from pre-order.


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