Volume 2

Volume 2 Cover

Bugs are “everyday neighbors”, the “greatest enemy”, and also the “best friend”.

Having entered the bug-filled world of the game Nekomimineko, the “loner” gamer Souma has somehow managed to make his way to the capital when before him appears a beautiful naked girl!! …Not only that, but also a monster that is not supposed to exist, a forever-underdog adventurer, etc. Poison tongues flutter, lightning strikes fly, and a cat-eared beauty declares war. Undaunted in this chaotic world, Souma’s adventure continues!

Volume 2


Omake Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 1 – The Capital, Lichtel
Chapter 2 – The Day A Dream Came True
Chapter 3 – The Lightning Princess
Chapter 4 – Golden Wild Zlime Extermination Fest
Chapter 5 – The Final Ploy
Chapter 6 – Despair
Chapter 7 – Triumph
Special – The Promised Guernica

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