Part 2

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Volume 2

Chapter 3

— 2 —

It was great that we were all fired up now, but Nekomimineko wasn’t so kind that things could be accomplished just by being enthusiastic. In keeping with safety first, it’d be great if there were a well-paying quest inside the city, but such convenient quests were nowhere to be found.

“There’s no other choice. We’ll have to go out and hunt some monsters.”

Nekomimineko was an RPG, so of course, defeating monsters rewarded you with Elements.

Fighting while only level 13 was quite risky, but I couldn’t think of any other way to earn money while broke.

The map that had the weakest monsters around the capital was the Deus Plains, where the monsters averaged around level 50.

It would be quite a tough fight, but with Shiranui’s attack values winning was a possibility as long as I could land the hits. If I picked the right targets and bombarded them with skill cancelling, it should work out for me.

It did feel strange to be risking my life just for lodging charges, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Steeling my resolve, I started walking towards the south gate, which connected to the Deus Plains.


“Listen up, Ringo. No matter what, don’t move from this spot, and if monsters start approaching you, immediately run to the other side of the gate, got it?”

I briefed Ringo when we made it to the south gate.

While my level 13 was already not great, Ringo was only level 1. Even with the raincoat increasing her defense, it was highly likely that a single hit from a level 50 monster would kill her. Just in case, I gave her the Wakizashi for self-defence, but if she ever had to use it, she’d probably be dead.


As if having sensed something from my behavior, Ringo wore an unusually serious look as she nodded her head.

…With this, I can put all of my focus on fighting.

“First up is… them.”

I looked around the plains for suitable prey. What I set my sights on was a pair of Wild Zlimes.

Unfortunately, with the exception of rare monsters, none of the monsters in this field would be found alone. With that in mind, a pair of Wild Zlimes would probably be the easiest to defeat.

What I was worried about was the possibility that other monsters could wander over while I was fighting them, but that was a risk that I couldn’t avoid.

(Focus, focus! Even though my level is low, I can do this! Don’t forget, I’m a Nekomimineko player!)

I tried encouraging myself to try to suppress my fears. But, our level gap was clear. The thought that failing meant death kept gripping at my heart.

This extreme nervousness dripped down my forehead as cold sweat. That unpleasant sensation further ate away at my concentration, and my disarrayed thoughts led to further anxiety. This was a bad omen.



As I was frozen stiff, I felt a slight tug on my clothes from the side. It was Ringo.

I turned towards her, surprised at her taking the initiative to talk to me, and Ringo opened her small mouth.

“…Defeat, those?”

“Yeah. I’m going to jump on them now, so, Ringo, if you could stay–”

“…Nn. I’ll try.”


I didn’t understand what Ringo had said at all.

But, what happened next, I understood even less.

There were still dozens of meters between us and the Wild Zlimes that I had set as my targets. As if ignoring that distance completely, Ringo pointed the Wakizashi in her hand towards the Wild Zlimes…


In an instant, a dazzling bolt of lightning surged from the tip of the blade.

“Ehh? What? Ehhhh!?”

In front of my startled eyes, the light that rushed out of the Wakizashi slammed straight into one of the Wild Zlimes.

There was a flash, followed by a loud rumble. Having received such an obviously powerful attack, the Wild Zlime toppled over without any resistance.


Aiming for that, more bolts of lightning surged from the tip of Ringo’s Wakizashi.

The second and third strikes hit before it had a chance to recover, even engulfing the Wild Zlime beside it. After being pelted continuously with lightning strikes…

“No way, you’re kidding!?”

The Wild Zlimes, while still convulsing, disappeared.

Was I dreaming? Thinking that, I turned to look at Ringo, and she, emotionless like always, pointed towards her feet.

“…Don’t worry. I didn’t move a step.”

“Ha, hahaha…”

Hearing those airheaded words from the girl who had just demolished those enemies that were around 50 levels higher, I could only give a dry laugh.


“Ringo, you can use magic!”

A while after the Wild Zlimes had disappeared, after I had finally recovered from the shock, I called out to Ringo, but…


Ringo tilted her head slightly.

“Then, was it a skill?”

I tried asking that as well, but it seemed like those words didn’t mean anything to her, as she just continued tilting her head.

“Could it be, you’ve never heard of skills or magic?”

Conceiving that possibility, I asked, and Ringo nodded without hesitation.

“Th-Then, how did you do that?”


Once again, she tilted her head.

Then, as if feeling some kind of duty…

“Like… this.”

This time, as she spoke, lightning flew out of her empty left hand, but of course that explained nothing.

Except, I somehow understood that what Ringo was using wasn’t any kind of regular magic.

(Wait a second. I feel like I’ve seen this lightning magic some… Ah!)

“So that’s it! Princess Shelmia’s lightning magic!!”

During the event ‘Royal Capital Invasion’, Princess Shelmia also joined the battle, and she struck down monster after monster with fierce lightning strikes from her staff.

I had thought it was unfairly overpowered, but to think that Ringo could use it…

Well, they were originally the same character so it might not be strange that she could use it, but even with the Wakizashi equipped, that lightning strike was amazingly powerful to defeat level 50 enemies while at level 1.

As I shuddered inside, Ringo asked in a flat tone.

“…What’s next?”


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15 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. “WHAT’S NEXT?”

    “how about marrying me? (so I could leech-away the whole time of my life without having to farm mobs for gold)”


  2. I think Ringo is hoping for our MC to tell her to accompany him. She being a kuudere is cute also.
    It also seems that she is a little bit enthusiastic with her last statement.


  3. So the lightning was in the LN as well. The lightning being shot out from the tip of the weapons was also in the WN. Apparently the attack power of the weapon is added on to the lightning.


  4. I’m getting a bit frustrated with the mc running away from romance, not that I don’t understand since he views it all as a game along with his past experiences. The princess and that cat girl are so nice.


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