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The Reason Behind a Lack of Stock (Quest)
This is a quest that is triggered when the player enters the item shop while level 20 or higher. The request is to procure 50 antidotes, which have been sold out, and while you could collect them normally, they could be bought like normal until level 19, so it is possible to clear the event the moment it is triggered if you buy 50 in advance. Who would have thought, the real reason it’s sold out was…

Six Split Petals (Quest)
This is a battle royale for the stamps of the six families by their representatives. You become the representative for the family you choose, and need to defeat the representatives from the remaining five families in order to collect all of the stamps.
This will be a tough fight against various kinds of specialists, you think, but actually, since it is possible to accept the request from multiple families at once, you just need to become the representative for all six families to collect all of the stamps without a single fight.

Weed (Item)
There are a total of ten different colors, and the effect depends on the color. There are various effects like healing or curing statuses or buffing or adding elements, but the strength of the effects is very weak so it is not practical to use. However, if you choose the right color for the right target, this could make for a surprisingly good present.


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