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Poison-tan (Character)
The famous poison-tongued girl in the capital, and while a young girl, she is a full-fledged ドS. She’s a famous character that any half-serious player would know of, yet nobody knows her real name. While some have had their hearts broken by her, there were apparently some perverts… I mean passionate fans, who would go every day to be stepped on so as to never forget her insults.

Ryden (Character)
A Warrior active around the Capital. An attention whore, holding the plain spot of number 1 in the amount of events participated in. His job is to challenge strong enemies and lose, teaching the player the enemy’s strengths. Once in a blue moon, he will sometimes win, but at those times please admonish him with “What are you doing Ryden! Do your job!”.

King Butcher (Monster)
The boss monster of the dungeon Giants’ Cave which contains monsters averaging around level 165, and everyone’s trauma machine. While it has been fixed with a patch, the Great Mincemeat Festival bug, where a mistake in the monster spawn table settings caused a large number of Butchers to appear in the Deus Plains, had been extremely famous. On the other hand, it has also been called a Meat Carnival by those who exploited the bug to mass hunt Butchers.

Tieru Lentia (Character)
A precious Healer that joins your party in the early game, but her low level makes it hard to expect much from her past the midgame. However, she possesses a unique trait, “double the effects of any equipment designed in bad taste”, so depending on how you raise her she could take off. It’s a thorny path, but as long as there’s love, it may be fun to try to raise her.


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7 thoughts on “Extra

    • She was mentioned in volume one during the marriage debacle that caused him to reset his first play-through and play solo. His first ever party member from the first town Ramlich. Hasn’t been mentioned since even when he visited the infirmary in that first town when leaving.


  1. The famous poison-tongued girl in the capital, and while a young girl, she is a full-fledged ドS.

    In case anyone wonders, ド means “do”, so it’s do S, meaning something like “extreme sadist” “super sadist” “very sadistic”, well, you get the idea. Wonder why it wasn’t translated, but I guess most people would understand just from the “S” part.


    • By the way, some people(masochists) want to get stepped on by her, but as a sadist myself, nothing would bring me more pleasure than stepping on and breaking a sadist… Hehehe… Would be quite a sight if I went into a showdown with that girl.


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