Part 3

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Volume 2


— 3 —

I direct a question at the first companion I made since I came to this world as I walk with her.

“Hey Ringo, I really think you should rethink your name. Now, I know you really like apples, but there’s really no need to go and name yourself after a food item.”

To be perfectly honest, I was already starting to get used to Ringo’s name.

It might be a bit awkward to change her name now, but moving forward, it’s important that she changes her name sooner rather than later—should she choose to do so.

“…Ringo is good.”

Ringo stubbornly insisted.

“But a name’s gonna stick with you for a whole lifetime. Such a random name…”

“…It’s not random.”

Ringo suddenly took a step-and-a-half forward, pulling alongside me.

Then, from a close distance reminiscent of when we first met, she declared.


“…You said that Ringo suits me.”



A memory hit me like a flash of lightning. Indeed, I remember saying those words right after I met her when she was eating some apples. I didn’t expect those words to leave such a deep impression on her, and I couldn’t even imagine that it would be the trigger for her to decide her name.

Ah, I get it. That’s what she meant when she said I named her a while back.

Of course, when I said those words, they were just a reaction to the image of Princess Shelmia eating an apple, and I simply meant that the sight of her eating apples was quite befitting, and not that Ringo was a suitable name, so in the end it was a misunderstanding on her part…

But, for some strange reason, hearing Ringo say that didn’t feel so bad.

My face felt hot, and I was barely able to stop myself from breaking into a grin.

I thought about confirming with her once again whether she was really okay with throwing away the name Shelmia, but gave up.

I came to understand how uncharacteristically stubborn she could be after the Butcher fight. There’s no point in forcing this issue.

In any case, this was one thing off my plate.

This Extermination Fest, which began due to poverty, ended with an unbelievable development, and had an unexpected boss monster sandwiched between the two, was conclusively over.

“Well, let’s get going then, Ringo.”


I set off in search of a new adventure together with my new and irreplaceable partner…


“—Please wait!”


We then heard those words—words that would overturn everything.


She couldn’t be here to dispute the results of the contest, could she?

Considering that, I stepped forward to shelter Ringo, but I was met with an unexpected sight.

“I have a request to make of you.”

Hisame bowed deeply to follow her words.

“Eh? A, requests…?”

I froze as I was confronted with such an unforeseen situation, while Hisame continued to speak with her head still lowered.

“I promise you the greatest hospitality in the world, unmatched in all aspects. Hence—”

A shiver of unprecedented scale crawled up my spine, together with an overwhelming sense of deja vu.

This was—these phrases were…


“—Would you be interested in studying at my dojo as a guest in exchange for your strength?”


The words that heralded the beginning of the worst chain of insta-death events, “The Hisame Family’s Trials.”


I Am the Only One Who Knows This World Is a Game 2 (End)


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16 thoughts on “Part 3

  1. For some reason, I get this kind of feeling to wish that Souma blurts that he doesn’t want to marry her (Hisame) and causes Ringo to have jealous vibes whenever she appears near him.

    That said, he tried to block her chained events with their first ‘duel’ and yet he still gets the event. Wonder how is he going to survive/avoid it…while causing it to make Hisame want (to be around) him more.


  2. Great! All that’s left for the volume is the Special and the Afterword for the full volume!

    With how strong Hisame is… I’m not sure what to really expect from thess trials… But what’s the reward eh?
    If it’d really make him stronger that’d be nice or if he refuses that seems like something to see too.


  3. Train Girl is honestly way, way cooler than Ringo. Kuuderes are so damn dull. I’m hoping the next volume has a lot of Hisame! And by the way, thanks again for the great translation.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. “I promise you the greatest hospitality in the world, unmatched in all aspects. Hence—”

    Well, “hospitality” differs greatly depending on perception. Somewhere, in a f*cked up world, exposing your guest to fatal danger might be seen as “hospitality”. Maybe in a battle-oriented universe where strength is everything.

    Still, I wish we could’ve seen more of hisame. Aaah, I wish I could read more, so many volumes out that I can’t read yet! So many novels and manga I love that I just can’t understand read yet. God dammit, why does it have to take so long to learn japanese. The fundamental vocabulary and the kana isn’t too hard to get down but kanji is where the true hell lies, at least for me. Whatever, I guess I’ll start with the next japanese textbook. Finished my last one and felt like taking a break from japanese because it eats up so much of my time, so I stopped it for a few weeks, but I guess it’s time to start again in order to not become rusty. Maybe I should limit myself to four hours a day instead of going at it for 8+ hours when I have nothing I have to do that day, could be more bearable that way.


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