Volume 1

Volume 1 Cover

Looming bugs! An onslaught of insanity! And, a fruitless plan overwhelming even those!!

One day, a “loner” gamer, Souma Sagara, enters the world of an infamous game filled with bugs. In the world of this game with a nickname that seems to exemplify “unreasonableness” and “the ill will of the producers”, Nekomimineko, Souma begins his adventure, exploiting bugs and using the game’s tricks against itself.

10 thoughts on “Volume 1

  1. thank you very much … the first volume is UUUOOOOooUUUUU … hehehe … I look forward to the next chapters … google translator engrishe … valeu … abraço


  2. If anyone want to read similiar novel (using loopholes in rules to do wacky stuff) I suggest to read Two Year Emperor:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3294457/give_aways/two_year_emperor.tbz2 350,000 word D&D fanfic about a person from the real world who tumbles into one that runs on D&D rules… and very strict Rules As Written at that.

    “A man is summoned to a D&D world where he’s expected to rule the country for two years, just like the procession of hundreds before him. Oh, and he’s also expected to save his new subjects from an invading force hyped up on Tippyverse optimization, and then the entire world.”


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