Part 3

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Volume 2


— 3 —

The next morning.

Finding it strangely uncomfortable, I faintly awakened.

But, whether it was still early, or if my fatigue from yesterday still lingered, I found it difficult to move my body. The fresh smell of the sheets that tingled my noses and the cosy feel of the bed were also preventing me from waking up.

(It really is, so soft…hmm?)

I felt like the bed was not as soft as last night.

Actually, it felt very nice and comfortable to the touch, but somehow, rather than a bed, it seemed more alive…

Thinking that, I opened my eyes slightly,


and involuntarily let out a voice of shock and awe.

But, that couldn’t be helped.

After all…


“W-Who, are you?”

–In front of my eyes, on top of my body, a blue hair blue eyed beauty lay, stark-naked.


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11 thoughts on “Part 3

  1. Looking through the omake, I feel that the blue-haired beauty is Princess Shelmia. Thanks to the Law of Conservation of Detail, there’s a high chance of being her.

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