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Lizardmen’s Trap (Event)
Called The First-Timer Killer, this is an event that kills many beginners.
It is a tough event where, even if you know the trick, still retains a high combat difficulty, but it is actually possible to avoid the event just by not approaching the wagon. The lizardmen would obviously be wiped out in that case, but if you are having trouble clearing it then give it a try.

Bloody Stab (Skill)
Dark element dagger skill. Famous suicide skill.
For some reason, this skill’s effect range always overlaps with your character’s hitbox, so players with high attack will instantly die upon using this skill. Still, skills that can target oneself are valuable, so there are people who make use of this.

Shiranui (Weapon)
One of the main primary weapons in the mid-game.
Sword users especially have said that the difficulty of the game depends heavily on how early this weapon is obtained.
However, past level 100 this weapon no longer dominates, so when that time comes, either look for a different weapon or try to upgrade it.

Old Tuto (Character)
The famous old man that everyone knows. Very caring, but is very long-winded.
If you try to hurry him up, he goes off on a long tangent about how youngsters nowadays have no patience, so do not try to interrupt him no matter what. It is believed that being able to endure his long talk is actually part of the tutorial.


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